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Austen Jaye is an extremely talented and hard working actor. He has a true passion for what he does and embodies every role he plays. Austens hard work and dedication has lead him to create Belafonte Unauthorized: A Shared Humanity  which he will be performing at Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Los Angelos, California on July 14th at 8pm. Admission is free and donations are accepted.  


Interview with Austen Jaye


Belafonte Unauthorized: A Shared Humanity

Friday, July 14th at 8pm  
Venue: Barnsdall Gallery Theater 
4800 Hollywood Blvd
 Los Angeles, CA


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Belafonte Unauthorized: A Shared Humanity
  July 14th at 8pm
  Barnsdall Gallery Theater
 Los Angeles, CA


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About Austen Jaye

A shy boy, Austen grew up in quite neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California. He got infected with the acting bug early in life, performing in church plays at a young age. Austen moved around quite a bit in the early years as his mother strived to find the best schools for him and his older brother.
  While living in Redondo Beach, he attended Mira Costa High School and excelled in sports; in particular, basketball. The reserved Austen used sports to come out of his shell and as he grew up, his athleticism helped him stand out amongst his peers.
  Austen moved on to El Camino Community College in Torrance, California. The kindhearted Austen was interested in helping people and began to study sign language. But as in life, things change. A funny thing happened when he took an acting class; Austen immediately realized what his true passion was. Austen’s mother always pressed him to go after his dreams.
  He immediately took to acting and refocused himself on his new goal; to become a professional actor. Austen attended acting school and honed his skills in the theater. He worked at the Stella Adler Theater for the west coast premiere of The Good Negro. Austen also worked at the Milton Katselas Theater in Black Women State of the Union.
  Austen made his television debut on CBS in Bold & the Beautiful. He followed that up with numerous television series appearances including Back in the Game (ABC), Angie Tribeca (TBS), RoomieLoverFriends and Hello Cupid (BET). Austen is currently living in Los Angeles and is seeking roles in both film and television.





Turn up the volume and listen to our interview with Austen Jaye who stars in Belafonte Unauthorized a stirring one-man show that takes a look at legendary singer Harry Belafonte's unique relationship with the Civil Rights Movement. Click the image above to hear Austen Jaye's interview.

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